journal and courier造句


  1. Journal and Courier, Lafayette, Ind ., on McVeigh and the Internet:
  2. In December 2013, an article was published in the " Lafayette Journal and Courier " questioning whether the park would open in 2014.
  3. It began running local sports in 2008 with former Purdue Boilermaker Offensive Lineman Kelly Kitchel, former WLFI-TV Personality Clayton Duffy and former Journal and Courier writer Brendan Murphy as hosts.
  4. From Monday, November 1, 2010 through Saturday, December 25, 2010, WSHP switched from classic rock to an all Christmas music format, according to the Lafayette Journal and Courier.
  5. Davie would not respond to a report in The Lafayette Journal and Courier that he had been interviewed for the vacancy at Purdue, and did not want to discuss the possibility of succeeding Holtz.
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  7. On March 12, 2014, he wrote a two-page descriptive opinion on Putin's strengths and weaknesses which was published in the " Journal and Courier " soon after.
  8. It was cited in the Lafayette Journal and Courier that the frequency switch to 95.3 was necessary in order for The Rocket to carry the games . 95.3's signal was more dominant through the stadium section of the Purdue campus.
  9. General manager Ernie Caldemone, as quoted in an October 28, 2010 Lafayette Journal and Courier article, said, " Every three to five years a contract ( renewal ) comes up and we just decided this was not a time to be broadcasting Bob and Tom.
  10. He then took temporary charge of the editorial department of the " New Haven Journal and Courier ", and finding the occupation congenial, he purchased in 1863 a controlling interest in the " Bridgeport Daily Standard ", and removed to that city.
  11. According to the April 16, 1959 edition of the Journal and Courier, the Tippecanoe County Medical Society recognized " the critical shortage of hospital facilities in Greater Lafayette, Tippecanoe County and the surrounding area, sought the assistance of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce in obtaining expansion of Home and St . Elizabeth Hospitals . " A report was issued by the HEALTH committee by Dr . Herman Smith and Associates  a hospital consultant  emphasizing the need for improvement and expansion at both facilities.


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