junk bond造句

"junk bond"是什么意思   


  1. Leveraged buy - outs and junk bonds
  2. Junk bonds : a fin
  3. Michael milken will always be synonymous with the term ” junk bond king
  4. Junk bond status
  5. In the heady days of the 1980s , leveraged buy - outs relied on junk bonds
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  7. Meanwhile , boston scientific ' s credit standing with ratings agencies this month fell into junk bond territory
  8. A secondary market for the entertainment industry would be closer , perhaps , to the reinsurance market of lloyd ' s of london or , frankly , to a secondary market in junk bonds
  9. But leveraged loans are now more popular than junk bonds , because they are quick to arrange and put a lender closer to the front of the repayment queue if the borrower runs into trouble
  10. The selling of mutual funds and annuities to middle - income customers through a network of 12 , 000 brokers has been dogged by poor investment performance , including big losses on junk bonds
    该集团通过一个由1 . 2万名经纪人组成的网络向中等收入客户销售共同基金与年金,但集团糟糕的投资业绩,包括在垃圾债券上的重大损失,令上述销售业务深受困扰。
  11. The second part analyze the direct causes of enron ' s abrupt collapse and probes into the set up of special purpose entities of hiding debts and counterfeit increase of income and profits , which received wide criticism from the investors , and the relevant transactions which caused the financial crisis of the company and resulted in the sharp shrink of its stock price and degradation of credit to junk bond


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