just another victim造句


  1. Or is he just another victim of the writers'desperation?
  2. Some think ExciteAtHome was just another victim of the dot-com meltdown.
  3. In the vast wasteland of sports talk radio, Chuck Cooperstein is just another victim.
  4. Still, the Sooners refused to be just another victim, and competed the entire half.
  5. "I'm just another victim of male-pattern baldness, " he said.
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  7. In some economists'views, South Africa is just another victim of investor nervousness about emerging markets.
  8. But this poor guy is just another victim of too much government and too many plaintiff's attorneys.
  9. She is in many ways just another victim because of what he has done to her and that family.
  10. There were very good reasons for not treating the country as just another victim of Nazi Germany, like Czechoslovakia.
  11. When Enright was shot dead, at first people said he was just another victim of what are called the Troubles here.
  12. One week ago, Jason Calacanis was just another victim of the Internet slump, a struggling entrepreneur with a shriveled business.
  13. But Cayetano, the state's first Filipino-American governor, may yet become just another victim of the Asian crisis.
  14. I want to get County Route 149 a valid review, because it was just another victim in his rambling on about it.
  15. Nana receives another vision, learning that there was already a spirit who resided in the subway and that Yaeko was just another victim.
  16. However, it strains credulity to imagine that NorthBySouthBaranof honestly cannot see how Lena Dunham is not " just another victim " in this regard.
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