ke family造句


  1. She contacted the medical geneticists, interviewed KE family members, and returned to Montreal.
  2. KE family children attended Elizabeth Augur's special educational needs unit at Brentford primary school in west London.
  3. With the mutation located, researchers could look for the same mutation in the same place in the KE family.
  4. In the 1980s, psycholinguist Myrna Gropnik identified a dominant gene that causes language impairment in the KE family of Britain.
  5. Mice that have the R552H point mutation carried by the KE family show cerebellar reduction and abnormal synaptic plasticity in striatal and cerebellar circuits.
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  7. Around this time, the researchers identified an individual who was unrelated to the KE family, but had a similar type of speech and language disorder.
  8. In 1990, it was reported that the several generations of the KE family suffered from developmental verbal dyspraxia and orofacial praxis that were inherited in a typical autosomal dominant pattern.
  9. Brought to medical attention from their school children in the late 1980s, the case of KE family was taken up at the UCL Institute of Child Health in London in 1990.
  10. Pinker said he does not believe language impairments can be linked to one gene, but with this particular KE family, he said the FOXP2 gene does appear to be the core of the disorder.
  11. Once the mutation was identified, it was consistent in the KE family, lending weight to the researchers'conclusions, said Steven Pinker, of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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