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  1. While still living near Kendu Bay, Obama ( Sr . ) attended Gendia Primary School.
  2. Significant bays in the gulf include Naya Bay, Nyakach Bay, Osodo Bay, Kendu Bay, Homa Bay, Ruri Bay, Mirunda Bay, Rusinga and Ndere Islands.
  3. For many years Kendu Bay was known as the entertainment capital of Nyanza, with its famed'Kendu Show', which attracted musicians and bands from all over Kenya.
  4. Barack Obama Sr . was born in 1936 in Rachuonyo District on the shores of Lake Victoria just outside Kendu Bay, British Kenya, at the time a colony and protectorate of the British Empire.
  5. Mbita can be reach by road Kisumu-Ahero-Katito-Kendu Bay-Homa Bay ( 150 km ) or from Kisumu-Luanda Kotieno ( 90 km ) and a 45-minute ferry ride across Winam Gulf.
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  7. By November 27, 1906 Carscallen and Nyambo were able to open the first British East Africa Mission station in Kenya at Gendia Hill near the eastern shore of Lake Victoria on Kendu Bay with the assistance of Abraham C . Enns, a German missionary and gardener stationed in Tanganyika, today Tanzania.
  8. Together, they chose a five acre plot, about three kilometers ( two miles ) inland from Kendu Bay for the mission site, which was situated among the South Nyanza, about which Carscallen says,  . . . we chose the site at Gendia among the primitive African tribe who spoke a Nilotic language .  Carscallen and Nyambo worked quickly to construct the mission buildings.


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