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"lamp bracket"是什么意思   


  1. The gateway arch has ornamental cast iron gates and a pendant lamp bracket suspended from the arch.
  2. They also had tail discs and side lamp brackets, making them suitable for trailing a passenger train.
  3. The car was fitted with marker lights, backup lamp brackets and tail discs at both ends, allowing it to trail any train.
  4. There are ornate wrought iron lamp brackets on the north and south walls of the nave and a pipe organ on the south side of the chancel.
  5. Circa 1988-89, it is known that at least Coliban had been fitted with end-of-train marker lights and a lamp bracket.
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  7. Originally allocated at Shrewsbury Shed ( which required the fitting of GWR style lamp brackets ), it was later transferred to Patricroft Shed ( near Manchester ) in 1958.
  8. This equipment comprised a yellow box which fitted on a lamp bracket on the cab front, and had an amber rotating beacon and bell which served to warn thoroughfare users.
  9. This meant that half the time the VP van would be trailing the guard's van; to facilitate this, VP vans were equipped with a taildisc and lamp brackets.
  10. It is thought that UP 19 also ran; UB 19 is mentioned as being fitted with " pass " ( passenger ) bogies in 1956, though the records do not show the code UP . Vans recoded were fitted side lamp brackets and tail discs at each end.
  11. To honour one of the line's engineers, a plaque in his name, Alastair Lamberton, was erected inside the cab in 1999, and the rebuild plates were also removed from the exterior as part of the reboilering, making for a more authentic appearance . " Sea Lion " carried a back lamp bracket between the cab windows which is inaccurate ( although correct on " Polar Bear " ) as hers was originally on the waistband of the cab sheet.


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