lamp bulb造句

"lamp bulb"是什么意思   


  1. Lamp bulb retention system
  2. Screw red lamp bulb
  3. Cap lamp bulb
  4. A village set up an electric circuit ( 电路 ) finally , so a young man bought a lamp bulb hurriedly
  5. Introduction : move your mouse : puppet era from the prison , one : because the window of perianth spiderweb wrapped , so break them in the lamp bulb with a click of the mouse
    攻略:点动你的鼠标:木偶战记之脱狱1 :因为窗外的花被蜘蛛网缠住,所以,进屋打碎灯泡用鼠标点灯泡。
  6. It's difficult to find lamp bulb in a sentence. 用lamp bulb造句挺难的
  7. Luminaires that conform to the safety standard should bear proper markings of rated voltage , rated frequency , rated power , number and type of lamp bulbs , model number , mark of origin ( manufacturer nametrade mark ) and symbol for suitability or non - suitability for direct mounting on combustible surfaces where applicable
    符合安全标准的灯饰须有适当的标记,包括额定电压、额定频率、额定功率、灯泡的数目和类别、型号、原产地标志(制造商名称或商标) 、是否适宜于直接安装在可燃物质表面的标志等资料。


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