lamp case造句

"lamp case"是什么意思   


  1. lamp case 20w 3 lamp pipes
  2. circular lamp case
  3. cost price includes expenditure of identifiers, lamp case, picture albums and pop pasted pictures of fashionable dress
  4. our company is a professional enterprise of paper printing and silk screen printing, major in paper printing, such as tagged label, anti-counterfeiting materials, bar code label, instruction book, costume book, handbag, as well as silk printing, such as plastics, glass, aluminum, circuit wafer, laser label, lamp case and so on
  5. zhongshan gu zhen town dafa plastic factory is a professional manufacturer of novel meter type energy save lamp case series, decoration type plastic accessories and plastic injection processing . we possess ten years production experience, high level technicians, many advanced injection machines, perfect management system . we are winning more and more favour and support from mass customers all over the country for our steady product quality, prompt delivery and considerate after-sales services
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