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  1. In later treaties, there were frequent references to the Treaty of Zuhab.
  2. Together with intergovernmental machinery of later treaties, these eventually evolved into the European Union.
  3. The treaty was signed, nonetheless, but precise territorial demarcation was left for a later treaty.
  4. No one seemed satisfied with the latest treaty summary.
  5. However, in the later Treaty of Teusina in 1595, Sweden acknowledged Russian rights in Kola.
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  7. However, under the modifications the later Treaty of H黱k鈘 0skelesi, these indemni0ties were sharply curtailed.
  8. Danes said it belong to the upcoming referendum on the EU's latest treaty in May.
  9. The United States and Canada viewed later treaties offering land cessions as offering territorial advantages.
  10. No land area was affected this time and a later treaty cleared things up .)
  11. The greatest political challenge for Ahern is to win public support for the European Union's latest treaty.
  12. The latest treaty meant a huge change.
  13. But the latest treaty ducked the key remaining issue : whether Chechnya will ultimately be allowed full independence.
  14. Last June, Ireland further aggravated its EU partners when its voters rejected the union's latest treaty on expansion.
  15. Hattusili's son Tudhaliya, in his later treaty with Kurunta, claims that the two developed a deep bond of friendship.
  16. But the latest treaty apparently ducked the key remaining issue : whether Chechnya will ultimately be allowed to gain independence.
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