later with bob costas造句


  1. He also hosted NBC's critically acclaimed " Later with Bob Costas, " his own late-night interview show.
  2. "Later with Bob Costas " and " Saturday Night's Main Event, " in partnership with the World Wrestling Federation.
  3. Ebersol left SNL in 1985 and created shows such as NBC's " Friday Night Videos " and " Later with Bob Costas " with his company, No Sleep Productions.
  4. In a 1991 interview on " Later with Bob Costas ", Ken Olin explained that these characters were removed so that the new show-runners could add characters for which they would receive royalties.
  5. In 1983, Ebersol formed "'No Sleep Productions "', an independent production company that created Emmy Award-winning NBC shows " Friday Night Videos " and " Later with Bob Costas ".
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