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  1. However, the Later Zhao state collapsed in 351.
  2. The former Han Zhao territory became Later Zhao possessions.
  3. Instead, in 339, he planned a major attack north against Later Zhao.
  4. Later Zhao was at its final end.
  5. After Later Zhao's withdrawal, Murong Huang recaptured the cities that had rebelled.
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  7. She was Shi Zun's wife and the last empress in Later Zhao history.
  8. Initially, he had some successes and recaptured much of the territory lost to Later Zhao.
  9. Later Zhao was at its end.
  10. Zhang Chonghua appeared to have largely stood by as Later Zhao collapsed during 349 to 351.
  11. North China was ruled by Shi Le's Later Zhao dynasty for the next 20 years.
  12. Around the new year of 329, Liu Yao was captured in battle by Later Zhao forces.
  13. Shi Jian's cousin, Shi Zhi, had been a Later Zhao general at Xiangguo.
  14. Most of the western territory of Later Zhao fell into the hands of the Wuwei, Gansu ).
  15. Liu fled to Later Zhao, while Diao, Dai, and Zhou Yi ( hTW?) were killed.
  16. However, as he sieged Chang'an, the Later Zhao general Shi Hu arrived and defeated him.
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