later zhou造句


  1. Later Zhou Daguan's recorded about Chinese people in Cambodia.
  2. Zhu, instead, defected to Later Zhou with his army.
  3. Subsequently, Cheng and Jie also surrendered to Later Zhou.
  4. The Later Tang, Later Jin, and Later Zhou also produced recompilations.
  5. Likewise, late Zhou bronzes were often very large, suggesting corresponding wealth.
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  7. Li Jing became a vassal of the Later Zhou.
  8. There were subsequent frequent exchanges of emissaries between Later Zhou and Southern Tang.
  9. Military confrontation was averted with the death of the Later Zhou emperor Chai Rong.
  10. Text and story date back to the late Zhou or rather Warring states period.
  11. Liu Yun was killed and Guo became the new emperor of the Later Zhou.
  12. In 952, Murong Yanchao, then at Taining, rebelled against Later Zhou.
  13. The Song dynasty made Bian its capital when it overthrew the Later Zhou in 960.
  14. Under Liao dynasty protection, it was able to remain independent of the Later Zhou.
  15. He founded the Later Zhou in 951.
  16. In 960, the major Later Zhou general Song ( as its Emperor Taizu ).
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