lateral deflection造句

"lateral deflection"是什么意思   


  1. Restrained from lateral deflection braced
  2. It is set forth that the limit value of lateral deflection is remained to be discussed further
  3. The lateral deflections of bracing systems are composed of flexural and shear deformation in practical structures
  4. Based on the test results , the ultimate load - carrying capacity , mode of failure , cracking behavior and load versus mid - pan lateral deflection curves of the strengthened specimens are summarized and analyzed
  5. It is pointed out that wind vibration comfort control on tall steel structure by using modem control technique and the lateral deflection control on the frame - core wall structure by using outriggers can be realized
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  7. Abstract : this paper has shown that t he research on static test of equivalent wind load for 1 / 33 model of jiaoyin fin ance building . the lateral deflection and strain values of main components have b een tested and the vationdity of structure design has been verified by test resu lts
    文摘:本文采用微粒砼制作了交银金融大厦的1 / 33模型,进行了等效风荷载静力试验研究,测得了结构在风荷载作用下的侧向位移以及主要构件的应变值,验证了结构设计的合理性。
  8. Behavior and mechanism of concrete filled double - skin steel tubular ( cfdst ) beam - columns subjected to monotonic or cyclic loading were investigated . two kinds of cfdst section tubes were studied in this paper , that is , the outer steel tubes are circular hollow sections ( chs ) or square hollow sections ( shs ) , while all the inner steel tubes are chs . based on systematic parameter analysis , simplified models were derived to predict the load - carrying capacities of the composite members , and simplified moment - curvature and lateral load - lateral deflection hysteretic models , as well as ductility coefficient were suggested
  9. The specimens of rpc filled in steel tube slender columns were studied , and test results showed that the ultimate loading capacity and maximum displacement decreased as the slender ratio l0 / d increased , the relative loading when the lateral deflection increasing fast decreased as the l0 / d increased
    对钢管活性粉末混凝土中长柱的实验研究表明,中长柱试件的承载力和极限位移都随着试件的计算长径比l _ 0 d的增大而降低(或减小) ,侧向挠度迅速增大时的相对荷载也随着计算长径比l _ 0 d的增大而降低。
  10. Based on the analysis of bearing characteristic of the staggered truss system , a simplified calculation model of staggered truss structure under vertical loads or lateral loads is presented . after that , according to the simplified calculation model , iterate method for calculating internal forces of vierendeel staggered truss structure under vertical loads and a method for calculating member forces and lateral deflection of structure is provided . at last , a method for calculating effective - length factor of column is provided by analyzing the effect of restraint of column ends , other columns in same story and neighboring story on effective - length of columns


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