lateral development造句

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  1. The declines and lateral development utilize welded wire mesh and shotcrete with ground support.
  2. The reserves were then developed by trackless ramp and lateral development methods using LHD ( Load-Haul-Dump ) equipment.
  3. It is a marked representation of the general improvement in the health of the state of Bihar which has remained rather obsolete in terms of lateral developments over the last two decades.
  4. In the early nineties, ITDP helped establish the Transport Sector Task Force, an advisory panel to the US Treasury Department's Multi-lateral Development Bank liaison office, to comment on specific transport projects.
  5. From its publications, APDIP says it " collaborates with national governments, regional, international and multi-lateral development organisations, UN agencies, educational and research organisations, civil society groups, and the private sector ".
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  7. Modernization projects are underway led by the Environmental Ministry in Costa Rica with the assistance of multi-lateral development banks where the aim is to address this infrastructure challenge as well as to help mend a fragmented system of water management institutions.
  8. The main fault, however, continues, and it is likely that this cave could be extended by concerted digging ( a dangerous activity ), although it is difficult to see why this would be done in Gritstone, where there is unlikely to be found any significant lateral development.
  9. PEG was the first to prepare a public interest critique of the Orissa model of reforms in 1998 and the role of Multi-lateral Development Banks, arguing that democratising governance is the key to addressing the power sector crisis, rather than focusing only on infusing capital or changing ownership.
  10. Booth started his career at the Department of Trade and Industry, where he was responsible for multi-lateral development banks, before being appointed a strategic planning officer at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC . During this period, Booth was also a lecturer in Economics at Christ Church, Oxford.


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