lateral undulation造句


  1. For example, sidewinding and lateral undulation are both gaits.
  2. This flexibility would have enabled lateral undulation while swimming, resulting in greater efficiency in locomotion.
  3. The long body and reduced limbs would have facilitated lateral undulation as a form of swimming.
  4. It is able to successfully move about in both environments by producing traveling waves of lateral undulations.
  5. It showed adaptations for an almost completely aquatic lifestyle, having the ability to swim by lateral undulation.
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  7. The method of movement is derived from lateral undulation, and is very similar, in spite of appearances.
  8. A snake continuously moves in lateral undulation to create the same effect of increased air pressure underneath its arched body to glide.
  9. In general, the amplitude of the lateral undulation and angle of intervertebral flexion is much greater during terrestrial locomotion than that of aquatic.
  10. A picture of a snake performing lateral undulation would show something like a sine wave, with straight segments of the body having either a positive or negative slope.
  11. Snakes can exhibit 5 different modes of terrestrial locomotion : ( 1 ) lateral undulation, ( 2 ) sidewinding, ( 3 ) rectilinear, and ( 5 ) slide-pushing.
  12. Lateral undulation closely resembles the simple undulatory motion observed in many other animals such as in lizards, eels and fish, in which waves of lateral bending propagate down the snakes body.
  13. Able to spend longer times out of water, these fish may use a number of means of locomotion, including springing, snake-like lateral undulation, and tripod-like walking.
  14. Most snakes move using lateral undulation where a lateral wave travels down the snake's body in the opposite direction to the snake's motion and pushes the snake off irregularities in the ground.
  15. A typical teleost fish has a streamlined body for rapid swimming, and locomotion is generally provided by a lateral undulation of the hindmost part of the trunk and the tail, propelling the fish through the water.
  16. The streets are made according to the relief of the zone, case such as the Avenue the River that crosses the valley of the river Ot鷑, reason why it has few elevations but has several lateral undulations.
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