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  1. The mean lateral velocity v needs much longer streamwise journey to reach its self - similar state
  2. The high order generalized screen propagator not only improves the calculation precision of conventional generalized screen propagator , and facilitates the suitability of generalized screen propagator to the media with strong lateral velocity variation
  3. The frontal structure of longmenshan in the west of sichuan is very complex , showing intense structure deformation in overthrust belt , high structure amplitude , steep stratigraphic dip , developed fault blocks , complex seismic wave field , frequent change of lateral velocity , and poor image of post - stack time migration processing
  4. The differences between this method and other similar methods are : ( 1 ) the fast synthetic source record algorithm based on the wave theory is adopted in prestack depth migration . ( 2 ) the plane wave source is used in migration that is consistent with the velocity analysis method . ( 3 ) by using the controlled illumination , the distortion of the plane wave source wavefield due to the lateral velocity variation is avoided therefore the error of velocity analysis is reduced and ( 4 ) the practical velocity spectrum makes the interactive migration velocity analysis feasible and convenient
    与其他类似偏移速度分析方法的不同点在于: ( 1 )叠前深度偏移采用基于波动理论的快速合成震源记录算法; ( 2 )偏移方法采用平面波震源,与速度分析方法一致; ( 3 )应用控制照明技术,避免了因横向变速而导致的平面波震源波场在传播过程中的畸变,从而减小了速度分析的误差; ( 4 )实用的速度谱设计,使交互偏移速度分析可行且易于操作。
  5. Author , starts from the one - way wave equation of wavefield extrapolation , research the relationship and transform condition of wavefield extrapolation operators , and propose the steady variational reference slowness rytov approximation general screen wavefield extrapolation operator ( vrselrf ) which can adapt severe lateral velocity variations , in frequency - wavenumber domain , and the improved wavefield extrapolation scheme , also give the method to improve the computation efficiency . the achievement establishes the theoretic basis of the whole research
    首先,从波场延拓的单程波方程出发,系统地研究了频率波数域的波场延拓算子之间的相互关系和转换条件并在此基础上提出了能适应剧烈横向变速的频率波数域稳定的变参考慢度rytov近似广义屏波场延拓算子( vrselrf )和部分波场延拓改进方案及提高运算效率的措施,为整个研究打下理论基础。
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  7. Owing to complicated earth ' s surface condition such as the steep stratum outcropping of front - zone of mountain or the huge thick gravel stratum ' s overlay and earth ' s surface large undulation , complicated underground geology structure developed extremely such as thrust and overthrust nappe , and violent change of the lateral velocity , etc . in front - zone of mountain there are a series of problems such as serious secondary disturbance and low signal - to - noise ratio in seismic exploration gathering
  8. Author , secondly , starts from the approximate expandness of square root operator , perform mathematical calculations for finite difference operator in frequency - space domain , fourier finite difference operator in mixing domain ( frequency - space and frequency - wavenumber domain ) and general screen operator in mixing domain , compare and discuss their precision of their wavefield , adaptability for lateral velocity variations , computation efficiency and stability . thirdly , author , applies the steady variational reference slowness rytov approximation general screen wavefield extrapolation operator ( vrselrf ) in frequency - wavenumber domain , to the prestack and poststack forward modeling and depth migration


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