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  1. Choroid plexus of lateral ventricle
  2. Anterior horn of lateral ventricle
  3. Inferior horn of lateral ventricle
  4. Body of lateral ventricle
  5. Effects of lacl3 on gh and thyroxin in rat serum after injected into cerebral lateral ventricle
  6. It's difficult to find lateral ventricles in a sentence. 用lateral ventricles造句挺难的
  7. Objective to study amygdaloid body , hippocampal formation and lateral ventricle in thin cross section of brain to provide the anatomy knowledge for clinic
  8. Conclusion the mill - like technique and 8 . 2 mega pixels digital photograph can display amygdaloid body , hippocanipal formation and lateral ventricle clearly
  9. Question : you used the transcallosal - interseptal - interforniceal approach to remove the third ventricle tumor . if the tumor extended into the lateral ventricle , what did you do
  10. Experiments and results have proved that this proposed model is robust to initial contour placements , and it can segment automatically ct medical image of left lateral ventricle and cerebellopontine angle
    实验结果表明,该模型对初始轮廓曲线位置不敏感,能实现左侧脑室和小脑脑桥角ct ( computerizedtomography )医学图像的自动分割。
  11. This report is about a 53 year old male with primary carcinoma located in the lateral ventricle with csf metastases , which was treated with total tumor excision of choroids plexus followed by post - operative cranial spinal irradiation
  12. Primary cultured nscs ( labbled by hoechst33342 ) and c17 . 2 ( a kind of immortal nsc cell line expressing b - galactosidase ) were injected into the lateral ventricles of neonatal mouse , then the cells " survial , integration and migration were compared 1w and 6w after the transplantation . the results are as follows : after lw , the living cells of primary nscs were much more than c17 . 2 ( p < 0 . 01 ) , besides , the former mainly resided in the ventricle whereas the latter integrated to the parenchyma
    利用此条件,在体比较了原代nscs及永尘化神经干细胞系c17 . 2相同条件下移植后的异同,即将两种细胞注射于新生小鼠侧脑室,分别于1w , 6w后观察比较它们的存活、整合及迁移情况,结果如下: 1w时,原代nscs存活的细胞数远大于c17 . 2 ( p 0 . 01 ) ,且主要分布于脑室系统内,而c17
  13. We injected carbennoxolone , a gap junction blocker , into the lateral ventricle , which was followed by hyperosmotic stimulation , the immunohistochemical staining of neurons and astrocytes and vp content in plasm were studied . western blot was performed to detect the content of cx43 and cx32 in son following hyperosmotic stimulation
    侧脑室注射缝隙连接阻断剂甘珀酸( carbenoxolone , cbx )后,再给予高第四军医大学博士学位论文渗刺激,观察视上核胶质细胞和神经元免疫组化反应的改变,并检测血浆vp含量的变化。
  14. 3 , vp content in plasma increased significantly 45min after hyperosmotic stimulation . when pre - injected carbennoxolone , a gap junction blocker , into the lateral ventricle , followed by hyperosmotic stimulation , vp content remained the base line . the expression of gfap - li astrocytes showed no difference , while that of fos - li neurons decreased significantly
    门)高渗刺激后扔dn ,血浆中p含量明显升高,若事先经侧脑室注入cbx后再给高渗刺激,血浆中vp含量不升高,视上核内星形胶质细胞gfap阳性反应与单纯高渗组无差别,而fos阳性神经元明显减少。
  15. Collection and preservation of samples : as soon as the three vital signs disappeared , the dogs were anatomized , and the heart , liver , kidney , spleen , lung , brain , muscle in the injection location and no injection location , the heart blood , urine , bile , cerebrospinal fluid ( csf ) in the lateral ventricle and spinal subarachnoid space , spinal cord ( medulla oblongata , cervical cord , the upper beast spinal cord , breast spinal cord and waist spinal cord ) were taken out , some of which were preserved at - 20 for qualitative and quantitative analysis , and the others were fixed with 4 % formaldehyde for the pathology observation
    3 、样品采集:当心电、血压和呼吸全部消失时,迅速解剖动物,采取心脏、肝脏、肾脏、脾脏、肺脏、大脑、注射部位肌肉、注射部位20cm以外肌肉、心血、尿液、胆汁、侧山西医科大学硕士学位论文脑室脑脊液、脊髓腔脑脊液和不同节段的脊髓(包括延髓、颈髓、上胸部脊髓、胸部脊髓和腰部脊髓)等组织,冷冻保存。 4 、病理观察:采取心脏、肝脏、 ’肾脏、脾脏、肺脏、大脑、脊髓等组织, 4 %甲醛固定,石蜡包埋,切片, he染色,光镜观察。


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