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  1. Prediction of lateral wall defomations in excavations using artificial neural networks
  2. Lateral wall , door stainless steel with surface bite treatment , front lateral plate made of stainless steel , with hairy streak treatment
    侧壁、厢门不? ? ?板镜面蚀刻处理,前侧板不? ? ?板发纹处理。
  3. In group , direct fracture of lateral wall was often seen ( 56 % ) with serious degree of injury on vision and structure of eyeballs
    爆裂性骨折以内、下壁多见,占96 ,致伤物以拳脚多见,占78 ,视力和眼球结构损伤较轻。
  4. Results perforation in lateral wall occurred in 7 cases , 3 in medial wall , 3 in bottom wall , 1 in fanterior wall and 4 into intervertebral space
  5. Using this curve , the surface settlement can be calculated through the lateral wall deflection , which can be gotten by elastic reactance method
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  7. Abstract it ' s a valuable problem in foundation pit of soft soil to study its lateral wall deflection and the surface settlement behind the retain wall
  8. Results all of 4 triangle on the superior wall , 6 tria ngle on the lateral wall , 2 triangle on the back , were gauged to show content an d anatomy cavity about cavernous sinus
  9. Conclusions it ma y guide microsurgical operation of the cavernous sinus , to avoid injury of impor tant vessels and nerves , when the superior wall , lateral wall and back wall of the cavernous sinus were cut down
  10. Abstract : aimming at the defects of the brick masonry norm , through test on masonry wall models , the monolithic spacial effect for longitudinal and lateral walls of brick masonry buildings is studied and suggestions of calculated formulas for seismic resistance design and analysis are proposed


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