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  1. Removal of flowers and pods from flowering soybean plants also delays leaf aging .
  2. Corresponding relationship of maize leaf age index , ear differentiation and shape
  3. Leaf age index
  4. The experiment of the influences of throwing cultivation of different leaf age on the output of till - less seedling throwing rice
  5. Like most plant hormones , cytokinins also have other effects , including the prevention of leaf aging , or senescence
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  7. Scientists have long thought that the bright colors of autumn foliage were just the by - product of how leaves age when they cease photosynthesis , but hagen and his colleagues report that the earlier and the more trees changed color , the less damage from chewing occurred the following season
  8. When sparsely - planted rice overgrew its earing period , light intensity in the mid - lower part increased , photosynthesis prolonged , activity of nitrate and peroxide decreased , protein content increased by more than 50 % , velocity of leaf ageing slowed , but accumulation of dry matter of grain accelerated and 1000 - grain weight increased too
    摘要稀植栽培的水稻,抽穗后田间表现为中下部光强明显增加,光合作用时间延长,硝酸还原酶和过氧化物酶活性降低,蛋白质含量增加50 %以上,叶片衰老延缓,籽粒干物质积累加速,千粒重提高。


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