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  1. Normalized leaf area index model for summer maize
  2. Method for estimating crop leaf area index of china using remote sensing
  3. Research on calculation and spatial scaling of forest leaf area index fro
  4. Leaf area index
  5. Temporal variation of plant height , plant cover and leaf area index in inter - cropped area of sichuan , china
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  7. The relationship between relative evapotranspiration and leaf area index and surface soil water content in winter wheat field of north china plain
  8. Rice yield reached the maximum at a leaf area index of seven to nine in indica - japonica cross variety , and at a leaf area index of about five in japonica variety , respectively
    籼-粳稻杂交品种的叶面积指数为7 ~ 9时水稻产量最高而粳稻品种最佳叶面积指数为5 。
  9. During the course of model - building , in view of the influence of the corps in greenhouse on microclimate , the input parameters included the leaf area index ( lai ) of crops
  10. Based on the experiment data of summer maize in irrigation experimental station of north west a & f university during 2001 ~ 2004 , a normalized model between leaf area index ( lai ) and accumulated temperature was developed
  11. The results showed that both inadequate and excessive nitrogen application accelerated the decreasing process of leaf area index ( lai ) and chlorophyll content at later growth stage , which led to earlier leaf senescence
  12. The knowledge model for the dynamics of main development indices includes submodels of suitable development stages , plant height , leaf area index , dry matter accumulation , numbers of fruit branch , square and boll , plant nutrient accumulation
  13. Taking erectophile type continuous vegetation as a example , authors had done many monte carlo simulations , and established empirical analytic expressions of radiances with component temperature , soil emissivity and leaf area index . empirical analytic expressions were used to construct objective function and genetic algorithm was employed to synchronously retrieve 5 parameters , such as component temperature , soil emissivity and lai , from thermal infrared 2 channels and 2 angles data . many experiments of genetic algorithm inversion from simulated data were conducted , results show that it is very robust to retrieve component temperature using genetic algorithm ; genetic algorithm can cope with uncertainty inversion problem pretty well if full advantage of priori knowledge was taken . comparison between inversion results and ground - truth data has been done . this paper offers a new example to retrieve component temperature from multi - channel , multi - angle thermal infrared data based on the model of directionality of thermal radiance
    在热辐射方向性规律的基础上,以喜直型连续植被为例,进行了大量的monte carlo模拟,建立了辐射亮度和组分温度植被叶面积指数及土壤比辐射率之间的经验函数关系。采用遗传算法,从热红外2个波段2个角度数据中,同时反演混合像元组分温度土壤比辐射率和叶面积指数等5个参数。通过对模拟的观测数据进行大量的遗传算法反演试验,结果表明,遗传算法反演组分温度非常稳健,在宽松的先验知识条件下,遗传算法可以解决不确定性反演问题。
  14. The study investigated aboveground growths of caragana korshinskii and artemisia ordosica planted in four modes , revealing that in different planting modes their densities , heights and canopy width and biomasses remained unchanged or tended to decrease slightly ; the young shoots of a . ordosica annually grew in a s - shaped cure and the young shoots of c . korshinskii grew fast in spring and grew slowly or cease to grow from july on ; the biomasses and leaf area indexes of c . korshinskii and a . ordosica annually varied in a double peak curve and there were 8 annual plants that invaded in the four planting modes and formed higher coverage ; the quadrat with only a . ordoska appeared to have obviously lower coverage and biomass that the other three quadrats
    摘要对腾格里沙漠东南缘2种人工植被柠条和油篙在4种配置方式下地上部分的生长动态进行了研究,结果表明:不同配置方式下它们的密度、高度、冠幅和生物量基本不变或略微呈下降趋势;油篙新梢的年生长动态呈s型曲线,柠条新梢春季生长速度较快, 7月份以后生长速度缓慢或基本停止生长;柠条、油篙地上生物量和叶面积指数的年变化均表现为双峰型, 4种配置方式下共有8种1年生植物人侵,并具有较高的植被盖度;同其它3个样地相比,纯油篙样地1年生植物的密度、盖度和生物量明显偏低。
  15. The production of wheat is increased by 9 . 6 % under sewage irrigation ; ( 2 ) . dry matter and leaf area index of the wheat is much higher during nourishment growth stage , while dry matter and leaf area index of the wheat under fresh treatment is significant lower during productive growth stage ; ( 3 ) . heave metal from swage enriched in the soil stratum in the depth of 0 - 30 cm , and the root length under sewage treatment is larger than that under fresh treatment .
    田间试验表明,在相同试验条件下,污水灌溉与清水灌溉相比: ( 1 )污水灌溉可使冬小麦增产9 . 6 ; ( 2 )作物地上部干物重和叶面积指数,在营养生长阶段清水灌溉比污水灌溉值高,而在生殖生长阶段清水灌溉比污水灌溉值明显降低; ( 3 )污水中营养物质主要富集在0 30cm土层中,在该土层中污水灌溉的小麦根量比清水灌溉的显著增多。
  16. The knowledge model for the dynamics of main development indices as plant height , leaf area index , dry matter accumulation , numbers of fruit branch , square and boll was developed based on the physiological time and target yield and quality . in addition , the dynamic relationships between plant nutrients and dry matter accumulation was quantified . all these sub - models provide the reference standards for quantitative and dynamic growth diagnosis and management regulation


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