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  1. Frederic Race Godfrey was prominent in the public life of Victoria for many years.
  2. Aside from his legal work, Cussen was involved in the public life of Victoria.
  3. NOTORIOUS VICTORIA : The Life of Victoria Woodhull, Uncensored.
  4. The life of Victoria Lupe Yoli, a salsa singer from Cuba, would overwhelm a play.
  5. Bia is a miserable life of Victoria, pursue it and poison Sabina against the mother.
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  7. Her biography, " The Remarkable Life of Victoria Drummond  Marine Engineer ", was written by her niece, Cherry Drummond, 16th Baroness Strange.
  8. Already ordered up : seven additional episodes of the no-holds-barred, sometimes hilarious look at the life of Victoria Gotti, daughter of the late John " The Dapper Don " Gotti.
  9. His contribution to the film can be recognized in the style of the animals and trees in the film that reproduces the wild life of Victoria Island on Nahuel Huapi Lake, in Argentina s Patagonia.
  10. Another entrepreneur and film distributor called G . B . Samuelson, persuaded Barker to make what became another very important British film : " Sixty Years a Queen " ( 1913 ) about the life of Victoria.
  11. He was a Justice of the Peace for many years and was also prominent in the commercial life of Victoria, being one of the founders and an original Director of the Trustees, Executors and Agency Company Limited, Melbourne, and Chairman of Directors 1895 1909.


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