lima district造句


  1. The certificate lists a Lima district as his place of birth.
  2. The subdistrict has been part of Cova Lima District since 2003.
  3. It is located in Barrios Altos, a suburb of Lima District.
  4. Its main campus is located in the Lima district of Mac Gregor complex.
  5. Suai is the capital of the Cova Lima District, which is in the southwest of the country.
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  7. "' Tilomar Subdistrict "'is a subdistrict in Cova Lima District, East Timor.
  8. "' Fatumean "'is a subdistrict in the Cova Lima District of East Timor.
  9. Until 1963, when it was made into a separate district, Jes鷖 Mar韆 was attached to Lima District.
  10. The mayors of several Lima districts have called on the government to declare a state of emergency in the capital.
  11. Another tape led to the arrest Friday of Luis Bedoya, the mayor of Miraflores, an upscale Lima district.
  12. The mayor of Miraflores, the Lima district where Fujimori's birth was registered, supported the president as well.
  13. Ishihara's story is supported by the mayor of the Lima district, where Fujimori's birth was registered.
  14. Earlier Tuesday, Princess Anne inaugurated a British Embassy-funded sewage project in the impoverished Lima district of El Augustino.
  15. The blaze erupted Saturday night and tore through four blocks of a downtown Lima district that was packed with holiday shoppers and street vendors.
  16. The first three still stand at the Waikiki Club, which Dogny and eight others founded in 1942 below the bluffs of the Lima district of Miraflores.
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