lima lima flight team造句


  1. The Lima Lima Flight Team flies the Beech T-34 Mentor.
  2. Lima Lima Flight team performing at Thunder over Louisville.
  3. The field is notable for being the home of the Lima Lima Flight Team.
  4. The Lima Lima Flight Team celebrates its 19th year of professional air show performances in 2006.
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  7. The Lima Lima Flight Team demonstration showcases the full range of the T-34 performance envelope.
  8. The Mentor is the aircraft used by the Lima Lima Flight Team and Dragon Flight, both civilian demonstration teams.
  9. The Lima Lima Flight Team flies a civilianized and much-improved version of the original Mentor, with modern avionics and more powerful engines.
  10. Civilian performers included Kirby Chambliss, Ian Groom, Jim LeRoy, Wayne Handley, Freddie Cabanas, Gene Soucy, the Red Baron Pizza Squadron, the Lima Lima Flight Team, and a South African Airways Boeing 747-400 flyby.


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