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  1. As of 2006, the Lima Locomotive Works plant has been razed.
  2. Locomotive # 1 was built by Lima Locomotive Works in March 1892 as their builders number 390.
  3. Central to the production of the Lima Locomotive Works was the Shay engine, invented by Ephraim Shay.
  4. The first production began with the Lima Locomotive Works on the assembly line set for tanks for British use.
  5. This Shay locomotive was constructed in 1898 by the Lima Locomotive Works for the Boyne City Southeastern Railroad Company.
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  7. The GTR also had 25 more built in 1920 by the Lima Locomotive Works for use in the United States.
  8. The NKP 765 is a steam locomotive built for the Nickel Plate Road in 1944 by the Lima Locomotive Works.
  9. When the PRR and Baldwin shops were at capacity, orders went to the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio.
  10. On July 30, 1947, Lima Locomotive Works and General Machinery Corporation merged to form the Lima-Hamilton Corporation.
  11. Companies manufacturing locomotives in the US included Baldwin Locomotive Works, American Locomotive Company ( Alco ), and Lima Locomotive Works.
  12. The first American 2-8-4s were built for the Boston and Albany Railroad in 1925 by Lima Locomotive Works.
  13. They were built between 1923 and 1926, 75 by Baldwin and 50 by Lima Locomotive Works ( # 6150 6199 ).
  14. The Shay locomotive, built by Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio, was the most widely used geared steam locomotive.
  15. On the standard gauge were seven steam locomotives, from Lima Locomotive Works, Peckett and Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn in use.
  16. "' Lima Locomotive Works "'was an American firm that manufactured railroad locomotives from the 1870s through the 1950s.
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