limbuwan gorkha war造句


  1. There are legends about the beginning of the Limbuwan Gorkha war.
  2. The Limbuwan Gorkha War was a series of battles fought between the King of Gorkhas and the rulers of various principalities of Limbuwan from 1771 to 1774 AD . The war came to an end in 1774 with the Limbuwan Gorkha treaty which recognised Limbu peoples'right to Kipat land in Limbuwan and full autonomy.
  3. Thus the Limbuwan Gorkha War came to an end in 1774 with all the principalities of Limbuwan joining the Gorkha kingdom, except the kingdom of Yangwarok ( the kingdom of Yangwarok consisted of parts of present-day Taplejung and Panchthar ) and kingdom of Ilam ( present-day Ilam district ), ruled by King Hangsu Phuba of Lingdom family.
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