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  1. is a Japanese Joe Hahn-directed music video for the Linkin Park song " Breaking the Habit ."
  2. I just added it to One Step Closer ( Linkin Park song ) and I'm wondering if it qualifies as reliable.
  3. I mean, when I unfortunately stumble upon a Linkin Park song on the radio I can't help but think that guy sounds like a dick.
  4. Linkin Park's singer, Chester Bennington, screams in many Linkin Park songs, most notably the 18 second scream in the track " Given Up ".
  5. The song reached the top five on the Canadian Singles Chart where it peaked at # 3 . " Somewhere I Belong " is one of the highest charted Linkin Park songs in Canada.
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  7. It was also released as one of six Linkin Park songs released in a pack for " Rock Band 3 " on January 11, 2011, though it was the only track from " A Thousand Suns " to be included in that pack.
  8. Released on May 20, 2003 through Vitamin Records, it features cover versions of Linkin Park songs from " Hybrid Theory " and " Vitamin String Quartet, except for the string quartet's original composing track, " Can't Stop What I'm Hearing Within ".
  9. It also contains the second most amount of profanity of any Linkin Park song ( the most being " When They Come For Me, " a song from the band's fourth album, " A Thousand Suns " ) with the word " fuck " being featured in the chorus and the bridge.


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