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  1. Further listening sessions for Linkin Park Underground members were announced for June 4, 2014 in various locations worldwide.
  2. It features songs previously released through the Linkin Park Underground fan club, as well as two previously unreleased live tracks from Projekt Revolution.
  3. The band worked with Jessica Sklar to found their official fan club and street team, " Linkin Park Underground ", in November 2001.
  4. Linkin Park Underground, the band's official fan club, annually releases EPs with rare tracks, demos, live recordings and remixes.
  5. It was launched in support of Linkin Park's official fan-club " Linkin Park Underground " and the released Meteora ".
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  7. The remix was then included in the international tour edition of " Minutes to Midnight ", as well as a track in the Linkin Park Underground-exclusive CD " Underground X : Demos ".
  8. On November 14, 2013, Linkin Park released an old demo of " I'll Be Gone ", titled " Primo ( I'll Be Gone-Longform 2010 Demo ) ", on their official Tumblr page as part of promotion for their collection of songs for their fan club, the Linkin Park Underground.
  9. It was launched in support of Linkin Park's third studio album, " Minutes to Midnight " ( 2007 ) . " Linkin Park Underground " the official fan club of the band released a live album as a part of their annual releases named as " LP Underground 7.0 ".


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