linking books造句


  1. iVillage was an early partner with Amazon, affecting sales by linking book titles to the Amazon website.
  2. In this context is it just a case of linking book citations to the publishers'websites ? ( I can manage this ).
  3. This practice of creating linking books was developed by an ancient civilization known as the D'ni, whose society crumbled after being ravaged by disease.
  4. There the player discovers and follows clues to be transported via " linking books " to several " Ages ", each of which is a self-contained mini-world.
  5. Gehn is stranded when Atrus and Catherine destroy all linking books on Riven, escaping by using a book Ti'ana wrote for them, leading to the Age of Myst.
  6. It's difficult to find linking books in a sentence. 用linking books造句挺难的
  7. Atrus'grandmother, Anna ( " Ti'ana " ), helps Catherine by writing the Age of Myst as an escape route while Atrus destroys every other linking book on Riven.
  8. The player must enter the Age with no way of leaving, as Atrus cannot risk sending a real linking book to Riven until Gehn is safely imprisoned lest he use it to escape Riven.
  9. The personal Age serves as a hub in " Uru ", containing a bookshelf with linking books to Ages players have explored, as well as avatar customization options and game information.
  10. Atrus drops the Myst linking book into a massive disturbance on Riven known as the Star Fissure; the book falls through the fissure to be picked up by the Stranger in " Myst ".
  11. The Stranger's discovery of the Myst linking book saves Atrus from being trapped in K'veer a second time, and Catherine from Gehn's clutches . and Maria Galante in " Exile ".
  12. On Spire, Sirrus has used his scientific knowledge to craft explosives, allowing him to breach the chamber that contained the linking book back to Tomahna, and has escaped; journeying to Haven reveals that Sirrus has also freed Achenar.
  13. Internally, the game was developed with the mantra of " " Myst " in space "; comparable to " Myst " s Ages, the player explores different alien worlds, with means to travel back and forth between them similar to the Linking books.


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