1. He has the requisite Lisztian hair and dashing looks.
  2. He utterly lacked Lisztian irony or ease.
  3. Except for this venture into Lisztian virtuosity, Perahia has seldom strayed from the core Classical masters.
  4. He wears his thinning hair in a sort of Lisztian pageboy, but his theatricality ends there.
  5. Her reading of the chordal central section is dark, gauzy and more overtly Lisztian than any of the competitors.
  6. It's difficult to find lisztian in a sentence. 用lisztian造句挺难的
  7. Indeed, the Symphony in D minor remains the most outstanding example of cyclic symphonic writing in the Lisztian influences.
  8. Even some who were more accommodating of Tausig's " Lisztian eccentricities " felt he would play better as he matured.
  9. And he opened the concert with " Quatrains " ( 1994 ), a neo-Lisztian essay by Raoul Pleskow.
  10. This is the Lisztian puzzle, for the difference between the ordinary and the sublime lies with the person sitting at the keyboard.
  11. Sonata and his Sonata in B minor both are, hearing both twice in one day can test the affection of even the most devoted Lisztian.
  12. American Junichi Steven Sato, 23, strikes a Lisztian pose by presenting his own piano transcription of Franz Liszt's Psalm XIII for chorus and orchestra.
  13. Interestingly, in the first and third movements he performs cadenzas composed by Saint-Saens, which are almost Lisztian in their Romanticism yet tasteful and effective.
  14. Alan Walker, the biographer and tireless cheerleader for all things Lisztian, has come down from Canada to the 92nd Street Y to present three evenings of Liszt and his life.
  15. Those on the other saw, on the Lisztian side, musical form best fitting musical content, pitted against works reusing old forms without any feeling for their growth and reason.
  16. Indeed, novelty piano is a zany amalgam of Tin Pan Alley tunes and 19th-century, Lisztian salon music; it incorporates the syncopated rhythms of ragtime and the stride piano of jazz.
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