lobe of the prostate造句


  1. It should be stressed that the designation " T2c " implies a tumor which is " palpable " in both lobes of the prostate.
  2. The specific characteristics of the reproductive system of " Biomphalaria tenagophila " are : more than 200 diverticulae of the ovotestis; 7 11 main lobes of the prostate; and presence of vaginal pouch.
  3. We still talk of a left brain and a right brain, quite comfortably omitting " side of the " which one would use for a single midline organ ( left side / lobe of the prostate, right / lobe side of the thyroid-we do not say " the left thyroid ", " the right prostate " ).
  4. It's difficult to find lobe of the prostate in a sentence. 用lobe of the prostate造句挺难的


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