local analysis造句

"local analysis"是什么意思   


  1. Program has been developed based on the local analysis method
  2. At the mean time , discussion about selecting the transfer story ' s number of upper and lower floor in local analysis is performed
  3. An application that retrieves data from a server and performs local analysis and presentation of data from relational or multidimensional databases
    一种sql server系统数据类型,存放从0到255之间的所有数值。其存储大小为1个字节。
  4. Wavelet transform is a populous signal processing method in recent years . wavelets have advantages of local analysis and multiresolution analysis , and they are very suitable for image processing
  5. In this thesis , a new method named local analysis method was presented which the whole structure is divided into two parts : the upper structure and the lower structure . the problem distribution of initial pre - stress of suspen - dome can solved by this method
  6. It's difficult to find local analysis in a sentence. 用local analysis造句挺难的
  7. Finally , a novel adaptive interpolation magnification algorithm is proposed for color image to obtain a higher resolution image from its low resolution version . it adopts the basic idea of the adaptive interpolation schemes : local analysis to classify pixels into different categories and choose different interpolation algorithms by means of rational - linear vector valued interpolation over rectangular or triangular grids
  8. D finite element local analysis is done for hv porcelain post insulator by abaqus finite element software . the stress distribution of one - piece structure under dead weight , erection deviation , temperature change , wind load and short - circuited load is analyzed , which provides the scientific basis for security assessment of post insulator
  9. We discuss the forecast method which based on wavelet neural networks by combining good time and frequency local analysis ability which wavelet analysis possesses with learning ability which neural networks possesses , and bring forward a frondose , banausic algorithm in this dissertation0 also , a essential thinking of combined forecast based on wavelet neural networks is described and a essential trait of combined forecast based on wavelet neural networks is pointed out


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