local and express lane造句


  1. The local and express lane on A2 has different speed limit.
  2. The rebuild includes local and express lanes from Jon S . Corzine and Stephen Dilts, the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.
  3. Since then, several construction projects have taken place, including the construction of local and express lanes at the northern interchange with I-5.
  4. This section of the road travels past the interchange for I-80 and through a local and express lanes, as it approaches the George Washington Bridge.
  5. It then splits into a 14-lane freeway on the Dan Ryan, with three and four lanes alternating between the local and express lanes in both directions.
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  7. At this point, the local and express lanes merge, and the route becomes a divided highway with three northbound lanes and four southbound lanes that passes over the Poquessing Creek.


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