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  1. overweight women who undergo axillary lymph node dissection are more likely to develop lymphedema
  2. with the ease of use and patient benefits that sentinel lymph node dissections offer, this technique has become the standard of management for melanoma as well as breast cancer patients
  3. contemplating on the need of complete lymph node dissection and the use of interferon as an adjuvant therapy, we arranged preoperative lymphoscintigraphy which revealed dominant radio tracer uptake at axilla
  4. while surgeons at hospitals are eager to perform sentinel lymph node dissections in patients, there is a learning period for surgeons to be able to localize the sentinel lymph node with intra-operative gamma probe
  5. intermittent pneumatic compression ( ipc ) added to other elements of decongestive lymphatic therapy enhances the treatment of lymphedema associated with axillary lymph node dissection in breast cancer patients, researchers report in the december 1st issue of cancer . " lymphedema of the arm is a common aftermath of breast cancer treatment with surgery and radiation
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