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  1. In 1963 Maarten Schmidt found a visible companion to 3C 273.
  2. The first Kavli Prize for astrophysics was awarded to Maarten Schmidt and Donald Lynden-Bell.
  3. In astronomy, Maarten Schmidt pioneered the research of quasars.
  4. This discovery by Maarten Schmidt in 1967 was early strong evidence against the accretion ).
  5. Greenstein, along with Maarten Schmidt, also of Caltech, showed that quasars could not be diffuse galaxy-size objects, but are much more compact.
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  7. Kristian's observations provided the first observational support for the theory, first advanced by quasar co-discoverer Maarten Schmidt, that quasars were located at the center of extremely distant galaxies.
  8. The findings were reported in the July issue of the Astronomical Journal by Dr . Maarten Schmidt of the California Institute of Technology, Dr . Donald P . Schneider of Pennsylvania State University and Dr . James E . Gunn of Princeton University.
  9. Greenstein's paper was written with Dr . Maarten Schmidt of the California Institute of Technology, who had discovered that quasars were billions of light-years away, and therefore ( because they appear so bright ) burning with the energy of hundreds of billions of suns.


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