1. Property when that property is used with a server channel ; for more information , please see the
  2. Property to ensure that . net framework remoting can locate the server computer . for more information , see the description of the machinename property in
    Net framework远程处理可以定位该服务器计算机,必须将该信道配置为使用machinename属性。
  3. That token can be either an authenticated user token , such as a token for a logged - in windows user , or the token that iis provides for anonymous users typically , the iusr machinename identity
    该标记既可以是已通过身份验证的用户标记(如已登录的windows用户的标记) ,也可以是iis为匿名用户提供的标记(通常为iusr _ machinename标识) 。
  4. To enable remoting to find the machine through dns . however , when the computer name does not resolve with reasonable speed if at all and when the computer has more than one nic , either physical or virtual this is often the case with a dial - up connection or vpn network adapter , you should set the
    但是,当计算机名没有以合理的速度解析时(或者根本不解析时) ,以及当计算机有多个物理或虚拟的nic (对于拨号连接或vpn网络适配器,通常是虚拟nic )时,您应该将machinename属性设置为当前用于该连接的nic的ip地址。
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