magical magyars造句


  1. In addition to being unbeaten for four years, " the magical Magyars " had shocked England 6-3 at Wembley Stadium, one of the country's most famous losses ever.
  2. Three years after the disappointment in Brazil, the Hungarian national team, known as the Magical Magyars, became the first interloper from the European continent to beat the English at their own game on their home soil.
  3. The great Hungarian coach Guszt醰 Sebes, the builder of the great Hungarian team from the first half of the 1950s-the " Magical Magyars ", said in 1954, after the 1954 FIFA World Cup that Apolzan, Ion Voinescu and Titus Ozon are at the same level as his own Hungarian players and that he would be proud to be able to coach them.
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