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  1. Ornamental as well as edible, the uniformly shaped ` Magical Michael'is a sweet basil 15 inches tall and 15-17 inches wide.
  2. He coached the player who might be the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan ( never mind that critics say the button-down Smith is the only person ever to hold Magical Michael to less than 20 ).
  3. ""'PANG : Magical Michael " "'is a video game first released on September 17, 2010 for Nintendo DS that was created by Mitchell Corporation and published in Europe and Australia by Rising Star Games.
  4. Within political circles, Whouley enjoys a mythic reputation, the gravel-voiced son of Dorchester who quietly joins political campaigns, organizes grassroots activity, fills vans with voters, and then recedes into private life as his employers-- Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, or John F . Kerry-- bask in the glow of a nomination victory . " The magical Michael Whouley, " Kerry called him after Whouley took a leave from his job and helped engineer his out-of-the-ashes victory in Iowa on Jan . 19.
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