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  1. Manager assistant : then did you have a check
  2. The application and experience of nurse manager assistant system
  3. Human resource manager manager assistant training manager supervisor
  4. He had a head start in that he had been a manager assistant for 5 years
  5. Manager assistant manager
  6. It's difficult to find manager assistant in a sentence. 用manager assistant造句挺难的
  7. The manager assistant came here to execute a few small commissions for the manager
  8. Manager assistant : i see . do you think it has anything to do with your operating
  9. Manager assistant : mr . chen ? i ' ve been told that you are dissatisfied with our copy machine . what ' s the problem
  10. I have also worked as a part - time manager assistant for a western food restaurant for two years doing a wide range of duties
  11. On april 7 , a delegation led by general manager assistant mr . liu went to haitian hotel to study and investigate . in this 5 - star hotel in qingdao , they exchanged information about the reception and service of important events and had probed into these topics
    2004年4月7日,刘总助一行8人,专赴青岛老牌五星级饭店? ?海天大酒店进行学习考察,就有关重大活动接待、服务等多方面的总是进行交流与探讨。
  12. ( the review condition should be record into “ new product contract review form ” or “ normal product contract / order review form ” and sign for approval , review demurral should be coordinate by technology , if necessary , arbitrament by general manager assistant / general manager
  13. Welcome docotor hill and his wife visit shanghai , please allow me to introduce myself , my name is hong jianxin , manager assistant from sino - america medicine co , . ltd , i ' ve heard of you for a long time and in fact , during my stuent time , i have referred to your research findings in my two papers
  14. The engineering technology r d center of taizhou huangyan jinsu moulds co . , ltd . is a large - scaled injection mould engineering technology r d center . at the present time there is one director in the r d center , which is assumed by our general manager taking charge of operation planning and guidance of the center ; one deputy director which is respectively assumed , a manager assistant in jinsu
  15. First , position : ( 1 ) chinese wuhan dawn business trade limited company headquarters : 1st , general manager assistant 1 : the female 24 - 28 year old ofunmarried university undergraduate course english specializedgraduation meets the computer to have above 4 years to sell thesupervisory work experience body good sense of responsibilitydedication to work team spirit to be strong
    (一)中国武汉曙光商贸有限公司总部: 1 、总经理助理1名:女24 - 28岁未婚大学本科英语专业毕业会电脑有4年以上销售管理工作经验身体好责任心事业心团队精神强。


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