manager coach造句


  1. Thunder general manager coach Bob Strumm told the Arizona Republic.
  2. When employees are struggling, effective managers coach, counsel, and teach.
  3. FOR Sarawak manager coach Alan Vest there is still hope this season even though their FA Cup campaign came to an end when Selangor edged them 3-2 on aggregate.
  4. Following the mixtape's release his barrage of tweets stopped, and he claimed his Twitter account was hacked by his former manager Coach K for 5, 000 dollars.
  5. The Edmonton Rush, after starting the 2008 NLL season with an 0-5 record, fired head coach and general manager coach, Paul Day, and hired Hamley to replace him.
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  7. THE return of defender Dhalan Matussin from suspension will give manager coach Alan Vest an " extra option " when his injury-depleted team take on Kedah at the Darulaman Stadium tonight, reports Martin Yee ..
  8. "' Luther Biggs "'is an American professional wrestler, also known by his ring name "'Disgraceland "', who has competed in North American independent promotions including the United States Wrestling Association, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and had a short stint in World Championship Wrestling during the late 1990s, most notably as one half of the tag team "'Hard Knox "'with Killer Kyle and manager Coach Buzz Stern.
  9. Although he had appeared in WCW several years before as "'" Big Sexy " Luther Biggs "'loosing a match to Ice Train on WCW Saturday Night on December 14 and WCW Pro on December 29, 1996, he was later introduced by wrestler turned manager Coach Buzz Stern ( who had previously wrestled as "'Glacier "') as his new " protege " during WCW Thunder selecting him as part of his " Winners Club " on September 2, 1999.


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