1. Mandari said he survived an assassination attempt that year in France.
  2. Mandari had faced charges in France over trafficking counterfeit currency from Bahrein.
  3. Hicham Mandari's body was found in a parking lot near the resort town of Mijas on the Costa del Sol on Aug . 5.
  4. During this time city was governed by the Andalusian Abu Hassan al-Mandari and the city remained autonomous from the Saadi sultans, with the Saadis constantly trying to assert their power.
  5. Mandari had called himself an ex-adviser to the late King Hassan II of Morocco and in June 1999 paid to publish a full-page open letter in The Washington Post in which he threatened the monarch with revealing damaging information unless the Moroccan government returned property it had seized from him, Spanish newspapers said.
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