1. "The Manxman " ( 1929 ) _ director
  2. Manxman Mark Cavendish won two World Championships in the World Championship Road Race.
  3. It divides the bays of Manxman's Lake and Goat Well Bay.
  4. This meant " Manxman " developed a normal shaft horsepower of.
  5. However, " Manxman " made one contribution to aviation history.
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  7. There is also a sea bay near Kirkcudbright known as Manxman's Lake.
  8. Following a refit, " Manxman " joined the Mediterranean Fleet in 1951.
  9. On 3 July, " Manxman " sailed from Ardrossan for the final time.
  10. The Manxman mutters in front of the mast, and Pip declines the verb " look ".
  11. Season was the 31st season of the SCCA ProRally and won by Manxman Roger Freeman were killed.
  12. On November 7, 1960 the first new 650 cc Norton Manxman was launched for the American market only.
  13. It was announced in March 2010 that " Manxman " was to be dismantled in Pallion shipyard.
  14. "Manxman " operated to every one of the numerous ports then served by the Steam Packet.
  15. There is also a tidal embayment on the coast of the Solway Firth known as Manxman's Lake.
  16. Later that month, he picked up the British Madison title in Manchester, alongside fellow Manxman Peter Kennaugh.
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