map and the territory造句


  1. "The Map and the Territory " is Michel Houellebecq's fifth novel.
  2. The film was inspired by a rumour which occurred while Houellebecq was promoting his novel " The Map and the Territory ".
  3. In 2010, French author Michel Houellebecq published his novel, " La Carte et le Territoire ", translated into English as " The Map and the Territory ".
  4. His novel " The Map and the Territory " ( " La Carte et le Territoire " ) was released in September 2010 by Flammarion and won the prestigious Prix Goncourt.
  5. "The Map and the Territory " received the Prix Goncourt on 8 November 2010 on the first ballot with seven votes against two for " Apocalypse b閎?" by Virginie Despentes.
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  7. It was published five years after his prior novel, " The Possibility of an Island " . " The Map and the Territory " was among the most eagerly awaited and discussed novels of the 2010 literary season in France.
  8. Baudrillard argues that in the postmodern epoch, the territory ceases to exist, and there is nothing left but the map; or indeed, the very concepts of the map and the territory have become indistinguishable, the distinction which once existed between them having been erased.
  9. Korzybski's argument about the map and the territory also influenced the Belgian surrealist writer of comics Jan Bucquoy for a storyline in his comic " Labyrinthe " : a map can never guarantee that one will find the way out, because the accumulation of events can change the way one looks at reality.


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