1. Indeed, it is argued that Marao cannot possibly support the type of complex infrastructure required for submarine operations.
  2. In 1990 the national convention elected two indigenous women, Maureen Nakekea and Marao Teem, to the national assembly.
  3. Strategists have also identified the "'Marao Atoll, in the Maldives "', as a potential Chinese military base of operations.
  4. The Indian Government have expressed concern about the growing Chinese influence in the Maldives including China's intention to set up military base in Marao.
  5. In the interim, he wrote short dramatic poems which at the time were classified as children's literature ( " Gelu ", 1956; " arpele Marao.
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  7. Reports in the Indian press have referred to Chinese plans to construct a submarine base in Marao since at least 1999 . However, to date there exists no evidence that suggests a Chinese military presence of any kind in the Maldives.
  8. Spots of the historical interest are the wharf symbol of commercial progress, the old church with the old-fashioned  canyon markers of the people s religious faith, the Bag Cement Slabs and Stone quarries mute testimonies of the effervescent power and grandeur of the early foreign settlers, the hills near the railroad station where the Japanese tortured and massacred civilians in the barrios of Marao and Polo where the Hunter s guerillas built their camps.


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