1. The country of Maraq prospered under his rule ( 1926-1992 ).
  2. Beginning in January of 2005, the country of Maraq suffers a significant recession.
  3. It is also called a Maraq / marqa in North Africa and the Middle East.
  4. In 1993, the foreign policy of Maraq and Akbar III changes from isolationism to globalization.
  5. The Secretary of State further vows to help secure an IMF loan for Maraq in April.
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  7. Maraq joined the United Nations in 1957 and established diplomatic relations with the United States in 1981.
  8. Never in my day did I expect to see a King of Maraq kowtow to the West.
  9. Maraq is made of vegetables, meat and beans and is usually eaten with flatbread or pita bread.
  10. In January 2006, the U . S . Secretary of State travels to Maraq to offer economic aid.
  11. Also consumed during lunchtime is a traditional soup referred to as " maraq ", which is also part of Yemeni cuisine.
  12. The priest Maraq was among the signatories of the acts of the synod of Ishoyahb I in 585, on behalf of the metropolitan Gregory of Merv.
  13. Beyond the many styles of stew ( " maraq " ), rice is usually served with meat and / or a banana on the side.
  14. The base is a brown meat is called " maraq " ( E1B ), a dollop of fenugreek froth, and " Hadhrami restaurants can be found in Malaysia.
  15. The base is a brown meat stew called " maraq ", a dollop of fenugreek froth, and " eggs, and vegetables are common additions to " saltah ".
  16. Declaring that Maraq must steer clear of western alliances and that the sword of religion, and not the weapon of a U . S . dollar, should dictate Maraq s future .  ( 1973)
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