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  1. There must be a strict management and accounting system and also a definite material accounting area
  2. The material cost accounting system is most important one in fmancy cost analysis . so the quality of material accounting system is seemed to be very significance
  3. 3 , analyzed the data and function of the material accounting system , made out the total design , get the data figure and function figure , found the foundations for system designs . own thinking of design have taken form
    3 、对核算系统进行了数据分析和功能分析,做出了总体设计,并得了数据流图和功能结构图,为系统的开发设计打下了坚实的基础,形成了自己的设计思想。
  4. One have many language to choice that designing material accounting system . this paper choose the visual foxpro 6 . 0 which is easy in operation and conservation . below several works have been done in system ' s design process : 1 , establishment the research direction of - - this system
    材料核算体系在编制上有很多种语言可以选择,本文选择了易于操作、便于维护的visualfoxpro6 . 0语言,在系统的设计过程中本文主要做了以下几方面工作: 1 、确立本系统的研究方向,把提高系统可操作性、实现人机对话,加强系统的安全性能,适用于新财务制度作为设计思想的三个基本原则,努力向这个方向发展。
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