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  1. This particular user created a mathematical featured picture that resembles like a religious icon.
  2. This is " false " in general for PIDs, thus providing one of the rare mathematical features of Euclidean domains that do not generalize to all PIDs.
  3. In his article'What's Wrong with Risk Matrices ?', Tony Cox argues that risk matrices experience several problematic mathematical features making it harder to assess risks.
  4. Penrose was interested in the mathematical features of the microtubule lattice, and over the next two years the two collaborated in formulating the orchestrated objective reduction ( Orch-OR ) model of consciousness.
  5. In physics, a "'symmetry "'of a physical system is a physical or mathematical feature of the system ( observed or intrinsic ) that is preserved or remains unchanged under some transformation.
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  7. 3-Way is designed to be very efficient in a wide range of platforms from 8-bit processors to specialized hardware, and has some elegant mathematical features which enable nearly all the decryption to be done in exactly the same circuits as did the encryption.
  8. The original viral dynamics models were inspired by compartmental epidemic models ( e . g . the SI model ), with which they continue to share many common mathematical features, such as the concept of the basic reproductive ratio ( " R " 0 ).
  9. A rearrangement of the content as suggested by the second reviewer above would keep it all in context, but move the mathematical features etc . to later on in the article : people can just stop reading when they've had enough .-Splash 21 : 23, 23 August 2005 ( UTC)


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