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  1. Analysis on clinical forensic medical expertise in 11 cases of labyrinthine concussion
  2. Apart from the professional assistance from the who , not a single country had offered to send us their medical expertise or medical equipment
  3. All of these services are provided under one roof withthe highest level of medical expertise and state of theart equipment from the us
  4. Premier life critical illness protector is a superior protection plan against life threatening illnesses . it not only provides you with funds against critical illnesses , but also helps you get quality medical expertise from the u . s
  5. " the members are highly reputable professionals of international standing , with a wealth of experience in their respective fields including health systems ; public health ; epidemiology and communicable disease control ; medical expertise ; and hospital management and operation , " a government spokesman said
  6. It's difficult to find medical expertise in a sentence. 用medical expertise造句挺难的
  7. Moreover , it analyzes the doctrine of liability fixation , and summaries the constitutive requirements of liability for medical damages as the following : medical damage , medical fault , causality between medical fault and damage . the second chapter of the article mainly studies issues exist commonly in actions for medical damages . firstly , it makes clear the subject of the liability for damages and subject of the right to damages , and analyzes several problems concerning the medical expertise
  8. Capitalising on the medical expertise from cuhk and the service - orientated management of a healthcare company , a state - of - the - art diabetes management and education centre will open to provide alternative , affordable and convenient health care plans to high risk individuals , helping them manage their risk profiles , adjust their lifestyles , handle their emotions and if necessary , use appropriate medications to promote their well being and prevent deterioration of the killing disease


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