1. A black two-piece knit dress was just a dress until Ungaro threw a black metallicized shearling coat over it.
  2. Not to be scanted are the textiles in the " reflective " category, in which a large role is played by polyester slit film, metallicized on one side by a vacuum deposit of aluminum.
  3. In October, winemakers began attaching a small strip of metallicized, refractive paper to bottles of this year's young wines and the 1998 Rioja " crianza " ( wine which has spent at least one year in a barrel ).
  4. But some of the most exotic textiles with the hand-woven look are the exquisite fabrics of several layers designed on a computer by Junichi Arai : a silvery panel woven of metallicized threads and a fabric of gossamer fragility in a spider-web pattern.
  5. It's difficult to find metallicized in a sentence. 用metallicized造句挺难的


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