1. Metareum also lashed out yesterday at the former prime minister's comments.
  2. PPP chief Hasas Ismail Metareum urged Harmoko not to try to indoctrinate opposition legislators.
  3. Metareum said after presiding over the PPP leadership meeting in a Central Jakarta hotel.
  4. Ismail Hasan Metareum could not have put the arguments for thorough political reform better than anyone else.
  5. Chairman Ismail Hasan Metareum declined to reveal the names, saying he would present them to Soeharto first.
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  7. But Metareum denied it, saying that what PPP leaders had in mind was the best for the country.
  8. PPP chairman Ismail Hasan Metareum separately said that Soeharto's decision was in response to Golkar's nomination only.
  9. Ismalil Hasan Metareum, head of the Muslim-dominated opposition United Development Party, urged his followers not to hit back.
  10. Metareum was quoted as saying at a gathering of thousands of supporters in Banjarmasin, the capital of South Kalimantan province on Borneo.
  11. Q : What do you think about proposals to make Amien Rais our future president and PPP chairman Ismail Hasan Metareum vice president?
  12. Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Ismail Hasan Metareum criticized Golkar's security policy and called it an exaggeration.
  13. PPP chairman Ismail Hasan Metareum said the party was merely trying to give the next president ideas, rather than put pressure on him.
  14. Metareum, who is also a deputy House speaker, won praise from party supporters when he said he would run for the vice presidency.
  15. Separately, the Moslem-based United Development Party ( PPP ) has announced it also favored Habibie and its own chairman, Ismail Hasan Metareum.
  16. They demanded party leaders hold an extraordinary congress to elect a new chairman to replace the incumbent Ismail Hasan Metareum, no later than June 30.
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