michael arne造句


  1. They had one son, Michael Arne who was also a composer.
  2. Their son and Charles's grandson, Michael Arne, was a successful composer.
  3. A subsequent 64 performances, in seven seasons, made it Michael Arne's biggest success.
  4. Michael Arne had a daughter Sarah who was a leading singer at Drury Lane from 1795 to 1800.
  5. Also, during this time, Susannah became the primary care giver and teacher for her young nephew, Michael Arne.
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  7. In either late 1740 or early 1741, Young gave birth to her only child Michael Arne who would grow up to be a composer.
  8. Michael Arne then had him play the role of Cymon for three nights at Crow Street Theatre, and he had a benefit performance as Master Lionel in Baldassare Galuppi's " Lionel and Clarissa ".
  9. In 1791, he wrote an overture for the revival of Michael Arne's " Cymon "; both these overtures were published in parts, probably in the early 1790s to judge from their title pages.
  10. After the 15-minute interval, Maronilla came back with a pair of English ballads, Michael Arne's " The Lass with the Delicate Air, " and Samuel Barber's pastoral love song, " The Daisies ."


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